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News By Nova_DK - 02/09/62

            Clan Nova Cat, has changed both its name and its focus, to the Clan Nova Cat, Online Gaming Group.  This was due to the need for myself to take a break from online games, and because of some politics in the MechWarrior league we were in.

            We are still accepting applications, but the applications are now to join an online gaming group.  From there we will play in online games as a unit, for example all members of Clan Nova Cat now playing in MechWarrior in league play have joined Clan Burrock. 


News By Nova_DK - 02/03/62

            Wedge Antilles a MechWarrior encountered in last weeks training session on The ZONE was tried today in the first ToE for Clan Nova Cat.  Taking to the frozen wastes of Frostbite, Wedge dropped in with his Mad Cat ready for action.  During the trial Wedge defeated both a Shadow Cat (piloted by Nova_AcidKat) and a Nova Cat (Piloted by Nova_DK).  His display of control and Honor was exemplary.  I hope he will make his home in the Cougars of Clan Nova Cat.  He's is not only a wonderful fighter, but  the type I would trust to cover my back any day.

            Wedge a veteran pilot is considering this induction into Nova Cat a rebirth, and to that end he has completely changed his name.  I would like you all to welcome Nova_Icefangs to Clan Nova Cat.

News By Nova_Wolfgang76 - 02/02/62

This has just been recently declassified. The Nova Cat Clan working in operation with Wolf Clan launched a clandestine operation targeted at the Ghost Bear holdings. SaKahn Wolfgang76 has gone on the record to say that this operation was only done to relive pressure on Wolf in their recent war against Ghost Bear. Damage estimates are that the operation succeeded in crippling one of the Ghost Bear Mech facilities and is considered a successful operation. When asked if Nova Cat would continue to operate against Ghost Bear saKahn Wolfgang76 replied that operations have been put on hold now that Wolf is no longer engaged against Ghost Bear. In this reporters mind one can only wonder what Ghost Bears reaction to this will be.


As of 01/25/01 1:00 PM central time, Clan Nova Cat has become part of the Clan Confederation (CONFED).

News By Nova_DK - 01/25/62

After a hard day of strategic planning for the clan, Wolfgang decided to go in The ZONE (The Zero Obliteration Network Environment) a simulated training area for Mech pilots.

On The ZONE Wolfgang was seeing the standard compliment of Mech pilots running the most expensive Mech they could find to get a thrill. I mean how many people get to see the inside of an expensive Mech like a Danshi, let alone pilot one.

During one combat Wolfgang was in the middle of a heavy fire fight when he noticed a Raven coming directly at his Danshi. The first thought in his mind was “not another idiot”. He rotated left and let go with his full compliment of weapons, and to his amassment the Raven dodged to one side just as he fired ……. dumb luck….. he thought.

After about a ˝ hour of watching this raven run rings around big Mechs, he knew this was no ordinary pilot. So he contacted me, and I dropped in to a city battle ready to give this Pilot a run for his money in my Loki. After three consecutive engagements I also realized that this pilot really knew how to run a light Mech for all it was worth.

To this end I would like to welcome Nova_AcidKat to the Nova Cats.

News By Nova_DK - 01/21/62

The tribunal known only as Flaming Sword recognized our legitimate clam to the Nova Cat name, and established Nova_DK as its leader.

News by Nova_DK - 1/18/62

 In what would be the command center for Nova Cat operations Nova_DK and Nova_Loneknight met for the first meeting of the Clan Nova Cat. They decided the two governing ideas that would make Nova Cat something never before seen in a clan, 1. The clan will never exceed 18 active members and 5 reserve member - to keep it manageable. 2. All positions of power  from star commander up to Khan would be elected by the clan. Adding this to the Clan idealism of honor generated the clans motto.

"The Few, The Fierce, The Fair, Clan Nova Cat"

News by Nova_DK - 01/17/62

 After an internal feud in the Clan Wolf a relatively new commander to there ranks Nova_DK "Dark Knight" decided to leave the clan and contacted an opponent he had faced and admired in many battles Nova_ Wolfgang. He and Wolfgang agreed that clan wolf was not a function group anymore and had grown out of proportions. It was time for a new birth...... a rebirth ..... but they would need help.

DK called upon to of his other battle mates form his freelance days Nova_Loneknight and Nova_ShadowFire. This was to be the start of a new clan with an old and respected name once lost, "Clan Nova Cat".