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This Page is full of downloads or links to downloads currently in use by to Clan Nova Cat Command Group.  Just click on the respective graphic to start the download or go to that page.  If you need help installing anything on this page just contact our Khan.

Get ICQ for Free

ICQ is the popup messaging (AIM, MSN messanger, Etc) used by TFS, to that end we have selected it as our popup messaging for Clan Nova Cat.

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

New multiplayer maps  for MechWarrior Vengeance, Clan Nova Cat highly recommend installing and playing on all of these maps as we never know what terrain we will be fighting on.

The current standard for voice communication in Clan Nova Cat, please do be aware that in a league combat games people with bcome (as its known) will be given preference in leadership and scout roles.

Please click on a text link on the left

The standard for PC compression it is used by Microsoft co compress there map downloads.



Mechbay, here you will find a WINZip file of your command groups current two favorite configurations for each clan Mech.  This is not Mech to tell you what Mech to use all thought you are welcome to use any mech you find in this file, its just to give you some ideas.  Copy the contents of the zip file to your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\MechWarrior Vengeance\resource\variants directory.