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Nova Cat Rules



    Applying For Membership


    Player Identification


Mech’s and weaponry


    Trail of Entrance (ToE)

    Trail of Position (ToP)

Executive Triad and Commanders





Applying for membership Clan Nova Cat is currently accepting membership applications!!  Click Join Up



Each clan member is expected to be accessible and to have some night and weekend time for clan activities.  If for any reason you are going to be unable to provide this commitment for a time of two weeks or more please contact a member of the Executive Triad, to get put in the bobcats (Reserve star).


Reserve (Bobcats)

When in the Bobcats you are still a member of clan Nova Cat but may not participate in any clan league fights and skirmishes, unless given direct authorization on a per engagement basis by a member of the Executive Triad, this will only be given if there are not sufficient active members present.    Bobcats may also not be involved in any voting.  If there are ever more people in reserve than the Bobcats can hold the first person to enter the star will be dropped from the Nova Cat’s.


Return to Duty (from Reserve)

            If there is an open space in the clan a reserve unit may come back in at any time by emailing a member of the Executive Triad.  If there is not an open spot the reserve member my use the ToP process (without having to go though a ToE first) to attempt gain a full point position.  This can only be done once every 3 months.


Dropped – or Resigned

            A member can resign at any time, membership in Clan Nova Cat is completely volunteer.  A member will only be dropped if they completely stop responding to communications for a period of two weeks or more or if the Bobcats are full.  Before a member of the Nova Cats is dropped a member of the Executive Triad must send a message to all contact lactations that have been given to the Clan (Email, ICQ) and give them 24 additional hours to respond.  Any member that resigned or is dropped will be kept in an archive for future games and or vacancies, and my reapply for membership via the new recruit process.



         At any time that a member of Clan Nova Cat has been found suspect of breaking clan rules, a private vote will be taken by the executive triad as to see of a general vote is needed. If a vote is not needed the matter is closed and not open to discussion. If a general vote is taken then the accused has the right to make a statement to the vote.


Player Identification


            At all times members of Clan Nova Cat will identify themselves with the following information

Online gamming name approved by Nova Cat, will be in the format of Nova_XXX.  Were XXX is determined by the player, if a player ever wants to change that part of there name the must receive approval from the Kahn and allow him time to update the roster.

Any online Team, group or faction, insignias or graphics will be set to the Nova Cat symbol (on the top of the home page) if possible.  The player is free to set any personal insignias or graphics as they like (please try it keep it non offensive).

            Online Team, group or faction name will be set to




            Try to put a password on resources when ever possible we want to upkeep our good name, also never share out passwords of any kind without a member of the Executive Triads approval.




Mech’s and weaponry

            As part of a clan we are only allowed to use Clan Mech’s in league battles, to that end I would suggest practicing with Clan Mechs and setting up some configurations for each.  Remember what you will be piloting in a league battle is determined by what we have available in stock so one day it could be a Danshi one day it could be a Cougar.

            We are however NOT limited at all on our selection of weapons.  Do reminder although we can use it, the use of High explosives (or any suicide) in battle is very dishonorable.





Notes on trials

            All trial match’s will be team attrition games fought with a 10 minute time frame, any attempts by either side to “avoid” the other or Camp to try to run out the time limit will not be tolerated and will result in a ruling of the winner by the Executive Triad member in attendance.

            The Executive Triad member in attendance will drop in with each fight, no other Mech’s will be allowed in to watch, to minimize lag.


Trail of Entrance (ToE)



Because we are limiting our membership to only 18 active and 5 in reserve, we must look for the best clan members we can have, thus striving for our motto.  To this end any new clan member must pass a strict ToE to have a chance to enter the clan.


Trial Council

Made up of one Light or Medium, one Heavy and, one Assault Mech’s all piloted by current members of Nova Cat, selected at the time of engagement by the member of the Executive Triad running the Trail.  The Trial Council will test a new applicants skill in successive combat.  The Trial council will not share any information about the cadet’s tactics or map location until after the ToE.



The cadet will drop in to a fight with a Heavy class Clan Mech and then face off agents the Trail Council.  The cadet will fight each opponent until one of them is dead.  The cadet will get 3 “spawns” (life’s) for the engagement.  At the start of the fight and each time a Mech is destroyed the cadet can pick his combatant by Mech size.  This does mean that if the cadet dies he can select to fight a different Mech that he did during his first spawn.  But that Mech will be fresh were as the one he just faced might have some damage.



            The cadet will be judged based on their number of kills in the ToE, as follows and then offered advice on their stile by the Trial Council.




Cadet my go though the Trail again in 3 months or more time.


Cadet my go though the Trail again in 1 months or more time.


Cadet will be offered a point location if available in Clan Nova Cat / If there are no points available the cadet will schedule and proceed on to the ToP.


Same as 2 Kills, but a seen as a point of pride.





Trail of Position (ToP)




            Because we are limiting our membership to only 18 active and 5 in reserve, we must look for the best clan members we can have, thus striving for our motto.  To this end the ToP is a way to select the better combatant out of two possible clan members.



            The ToP is used when a new cadet has passed the ToE and the clan is full or when a reserve (bobcat) unit wants to come back to active status and the clan is full.  In addition a ToP will only be called if there are no Clan members willing to step down. (or in to reserves)



            All commanders and members of the Executive triad are exempt from being “tried” in the ToP, because there are in the position not only for there battle skills.  The current member to be “tried” will be selected starting with the fist member added to the Clan, and going chronologically for subsequent ToP’s.



            The ToP is fought in two engagement one to test leadership skills and one to test combat skills BOTH of which the cadet must win in order to unseat the current member. 


1st Engagement

            A team fight, both cadet and current member will pick two other MechWarriors to fight with them.  The current member must fight with other Nova Cat members, the cadet can bring in anyone he wants or ask Nova Cat members to fight with him.  It is a infraction to your honor of the highest level to not give this fight your all no matter what side your on.

            The fight will be a signal drop with all other options (tonnage, map, vis, weather) selected by the cadet.  All 3 pilots must go in to the combat in Mech’s and the Cadet and the member being “tired” must lead there respective groups.  In the event one side is not wiped out points will be used to determine the winner.

            Note: use of software such as Ms Game Voice and other voice products are completely legal it is a resource that makes you a better commander and should be factored in this trial.


2nd Engagement

            The 2nd engagement is a one on one 3 spawns or life’s fight with the variables determined by the current member.



If the cadet fails one or both of the ToP’s he/she must wait 3 months before trying the ToP again.  If the cadet wins both fights he will be instated in the current members Point and star and the old member will be put on reserve, the old member can star scheduling there first ToP to reenter active status immediately.


Note from the Khan on ToP

            The Trail of Position has one bad side effect; we could end up losing our deer friends from the clan roster.  The last thing you want to do is join a group and then get kicked out because you had a bad day.  I do understand this and I wish I could let all the good pilots in the Nova Cats.  But more is not necessarily better.

            If you look you will see that this will not happen often, a new cadet must win a total of six fights in three engagements on two separate days, in order to bump a current member.  Not an easy task.

            Also he ability to schedule a ToP immediately (it will take about a week to happen but it can be schedule immediately) will insure that the best pilots are what’s left when the dust settles.



Executive Triad and Commanders




            One of the factors that makes Clan Nova Cat unique is it’s built on the framework of republic.  This means that all positions above point are elected, even the Khan.  In most clans this is done via ToP but in we realize that the best combatant is not always the best tactician or leader.



            Voting will be held when any of the following happen.  There is a space in the ranks due to a member leaving, or going in to reserves.  A member steps down from there position.  A member calls for a vote of promotion.  Two members of the executive triad call for a vote of no faith.



            Nova Cats will be given a time of 48H to post there desire for a position on the message board.  Then there will be another period of 48H during which the votes can come in.  Any cat wishing to vote must send there votes to the Khan (unless that is the position contested then the must be sent to the saKhan).


Vote of Promotion?

            Any member may challenge ONCE in his or her career for a commander / Triad slot, by contacting a Khan, and making there wants known.  The current commander / Triad member MUST be given the chance to step down before this vote is called.  If the member will not step down a vote is initiated with the member and the challenger being the only voting options.


Vote of No faith?

            The Triad will only call a vote of no faith when it is apparent to them that a executive triad member or a commander cannot complete their job.  The member MUST be given the chance to step down before this vote is called. If a vote of no faith is called then that member must step down from their position and a ToP will take place to replace them. 


Stepping down?

            At any time a member of the Triad or a commander my elect to step down from there position, into a point position.  A general vote is then called for the position.