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Do not publish this page use it for copy and paste to Mew member Email ONLY


Clan Nova Cat New Member Email Packet


This new member packet is designed to give you non-game specific information for new Nova Cat Clan members.


Clan Nova Cat is being developed as a game independent online gaming group independent of an one game. Currently we are using MechWarrior 4 by Microsoft as a pilot game so the page and structure has a MechWarrior look to it, but this will evolve as other systems are used.


Some basic information that you need to know:


The web page is split into private and public areas you will need to sign up for access to the Forum and Chat, then get approved by the Khan, please email him if you donít receive prompt approval for your logon.


The current password to the calendar section is "Novapower". All clan functions will be on this calendar, and the password will rotate from time to time. Do NOT give this password to anyone as all event and server passwords will be stored on this page.


As the Clan grows you can expect much more communication via the Forum and Calendar, the Khan and saKhan will keep you informed if the main form of communication changes to this from Email.


Make sure you review the Code of Honor, and Clan Rules on the web page, pay special attention the the Player Identification information.


Welcome to the fold Nova Cat.  

Remember you don't just represent yourself, Now you represent the Clan as well.